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Porsche Displays P1 at the Porsche Museum

Written by in January 29, 2014 at 05:57 AM

14_0166Porsche has always remained one of the top sports car manufacturers in the world and it still manages to live up to its name with the kind of vehicles that Porsche introduces.

However, it was way back in 1948 when Ferdinand Porsche decided to come up with the very first sports car that still bears his name.

With three decades of experience on hand, Ferdinand Porsche was able to come up with Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model which is also popularly known as P1 in the year 1998.

With an interesting design by Ferdinand Porsche this vehicle has changed the way we drive cars today. The P1 has been parked in the warehouse in 1902 but Porsche has finally decided to bring it forward to the car enthusiasts and therefore they will exhibit the car at the Porsche Museum.

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Fisher’s Mission on his Vintage Datsun Roadster Vehicle

Written by in January 27, 2014 at 07:55 AM

RoadsterTales6Who said vintage cars are only meant for exhibition? Many vintage car collectors are passionate drivers and they know how to keep their vintage car in great shape and use them to recharge their life. Scott Fisher is among those who prefer to keep his vintage car on the road rather than on an exhibition and he has done it in style touring around the United States in his 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster. It is certainly a great pleasure to trip across the country roads in a vintage car that can take you back into memories and allow you to feel nostalgic.

Fisher has been touring in his vintage Datsun Fairlady Roadster for quite some time now and he is avid blogger as well, blogging all his tours and taking pictures of it and pasting it for all those who are travel blog readers. In his blogs, Fisher also claims that so far he has managed to cover 44 states and seven Canadian provinces and he is still not tired of going home as he is touring and making some road side stories that will soon come up on his blog.

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Mini Restores Classic Austin Seven Car in Born

Written by in November 12, 2013 at 11:49 AM

201305_P90120909-zoom-origMini remains one of the most popular auto brands across the world and many car owners have classic Mini cars that are no longer in the right condition. Mini has been looking for some of the classic cars that they can restore and recently car number 983 Mini decided to revive the old car back into action.

According to the statement, the 54 year old car was full restored at the VDL Nedcar car manufacturing plant in Born, Netherlands and the experts worked on the car for around six months to get it into new appearance.

It was only in the year 2012 that Mini came across this car in an old barn in Groningen and decided to revive the classic car in a new way. Mini said that the number983 dates back to 1959 when some of the earlier Mini cars were being produced in the Netherlands.

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Jeep’s Battle in World War II

Written by in September 25, 2013 at 08:02 AM

Jeep's Battle in World War IIJeeps have been around since early 1940.  They were developed because the government felt pretty sure that we would be going to war soon and we needed a very good reconnaissance and scout vehicle.  The military notified carmakers that they were invited to participate in the competition to design the ideal scout car.  There wasn’t much time allowed for the contest so only a small number of companies actually entered a design and built a prototype.  The American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland were the only two manufacturers who were able to present a completed “Jeep” in the forty-nine days allotted for the contest.

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The Annual Mustang Alley featured over 800 Classic Ford Mustangs

Written by in September 23, 2013 at 08:03 AM

Mustang Alley featured over 800 Classic Ford MustangsThis year the attraction and charm of the Annual Woodward Dream Cruise was enhanced by the iconic models of the Ford Mustang. The Woodward Dream Cruise is the world’s largest “one day classic car event”. This year over 40,000 classic cars were displayed at the event and 1.3 million spectators visit Mustang Alley to get a view of the world’s iconic and classic models. At the event, 49 years of the world’s best pony cars were displayed together with more than 800 modern and classic Mustang models, since 1964 to present.

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The latest Classic road-trip: Classic car

Written by in September 20, 2013 at 12:57 PM

Latest Classic road-tripThe latest in the 6th Hamburg Berlin Classic Rally of 2013 is the buzz about BMW Classics. It is basically a rally for various classic and vintage cars and is organized by the auto magazine Auto Bild Klassik. The 3 latest BMW to be present in the rally are the 1981 Mini Clubman Estate , the 1969 registered Riley elf and the Mini Wild goose  Brent super V E B from the 1960’s edition.

This car rally is supposed to be held from the 19th to the 21st of September 2013. As it deals with all kinds of vintage cars, a lot of famous and renowned people are known to opt for the same and attend the event. Though the rally is going to go for a not so oft beaten east west route, this rally is quite famous amongst the elite social circles. First time in the history of the rally, the Olympian Stadium in Berlin will be the place where the rally would be the place where the rally would start. As many as 180 vehicles will be showcased in this particular race , that can be considered as classic in the automobile industry.

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