Classic Cars Insurance

Classic Cars of the Future

Written by in March 07, 2012 at 12:53 PM

Photo by Georg Schwalbach (GS1311)

When the subject of classic cars are brought up, most petrol heads would no doubt mention vehicles such as the legendary Aston Martin DB5 made famous in the James Bond movies or the Ford GT40 which won four successive Le Mans 24 hour races during the 1960s before being made into a high performance road car.

What made these cars special was not just their trend setting performance, but also their appearance with their styling ultimately going on to influence car design for many years to come.

So what vehicles will be thought of as classic to people forty years from now?

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Classic Car Insurance – Things to Look For When Insuring Your Classic Car

Written by in October 04, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Photo by graham.davis

If you’ve just bought a classic car for yourself & fulfilled your dream, you’ll obviously want to guarantee that nothing ever happens to the classic, in other words you’ll be extra careful when insuring your classic car. You would indeed like to protect the classic with the paramount insurance policy that’s possible; however you wouldn’t wish to pull out 2nd advance to make it come about. So then what should you do?

McKeel Hagerty- the Hagerty Insurance CEO says that as a car enthusiast himself, he realizes that classics might need more focused & expert services as compared to everyday cars. One of his best advices has been that one should make certain to get an insurance carrier that offers an Agreed Value or Guaranteed policy to determine if the carriers can execute the extraordinary needs which several classic vehicles encompass, particularly at the time of claim.

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