Classic Car Events In 2011

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The term classic car’s in fact a broad term which covers several car genres that are considered worthy of being thought of as “collectable”. Countless will draw on the word ‘classic’ for a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 or a 1924 Packard.

1880 – 1916: Antique Cars

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Antique cars categorization is made use of for automobiles manufactured from the commencement of automotive growth through 1916. Antiques were initially referred to as “horseless carriages” that were power-driven by steam, electric engine or gas combustion.

1916 – 1924: Vintage Automobiles

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A Vintage automobile generally encompasses a car that was built between the years 1916 & 1924. Vintage automobiles were the creation of innovation & experimentation that brought key advancements in the area of safety, durability and comfort for the automobile buying public.

Car Shows & Classic Car Events offer immense entertainment for the family along with giving you the chance to view several spectacular classic cars!

Jaguars Highlights @ the Bonhams Goodwood Revival Auction

Photo by Chris Devers

This is where the best Jags were brought out at the 50th Anniversary for Jaguar’s E-Type.

The Houston Classic Car Weekend

April 30th 2011, which happened to be a Saturday, saw the Weekend of the Houston Classic Auctions in Seabrook, Texas @ the Lakewood Yacht Club. The same event will re-occur in union with the Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance. It will be an event that will celebrate another anniversary- the 100 years for the Indianapolis Racing. The event will be planned to run beginning 30th April through 1st of May.

The Walter Mitty Challenge

The Atlanta-region road racing aficionados started the Walter Mitty Challenge in the year 1978 when they were in quest of a secure place to let loose their gear and set their foot on the board. One of the best globe’s road courses is Road Atlanta & it has been recognized as the evident choice for racers. The opening affair was an instantaneous success while the succeeding races had been dubbed as the Walter Mitty Challenge. The name was given based on the James Thurber tale titled The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The tale revolves around a calm man with vibrant daydreams who wishes to be a racing car driver.

The 2011RM Amelia Island

The RM Auctions is the authorized auction house for the well-known Concours d’Elegance Amelia Island. It is a return to the Florida based lavish Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the 12th of March, 2011. The RM’s Amelia Island auctions are now in the 13th year and now will showcase over a 100 worthy motor cars that will feature at the sale podium throughout the one-day auction, covering almost a century of automobile designs, from a succession of the early Brass Era automobiles to the American & British road as well as racing cars plus a line of European sports vehicles.

AUTOMEDON: 15-16 Oct

The AUTOMEDON is just the place for all enthusiasts. The new version of the AUTOMEDON fair guarantees to be a magnificent affair where an increasing & wide-ranging public will enthuse over much-loved vintage cars. It is evident at events like these that it has become a family hobby & pleasure to maintain, possess, and travel in a vintage car. Laden with nostalgia & emotions, these vintage cars are an extremely emotional & historical inheritance.

The Classic Car Spectacular: March 2012

It is a massive show indoors with Britain’s best classic automobile clubs displaying several of their premium cars. There will be abundance of Classic Car & Auto jumble Specialists, along with a great deal of general business stands, bar, cafe, entertainment, refreshments in addition to a grand family show. It shall also include an extraordinary Classic Mini exhibition.

The Tour de Bretagne, a Classic automobile Tour: June 2012

The event begins 22nd June from a medieval town of St Pol de Leon. It will be a two day course of these popular classic automobiles that will be touring & exploring Brittany`s most gorgeous & beautiful countryside. What is great is that the entry charge is very reasonable and will include a two night’s bed and breakfast plus dinner @ the waterfront Hotel de l`Ocean in Concarneau.

For all those people who are cautious of taking classic automobiles abroad, there is an additional bonus- this trip is organized in alliance with the Brit Assist and will offer expert breakdown & recovery.

The Old bar Classic Specialty Car Show NSW

This event is held on the 1st of October and will see Classics, Street Machines, Vintage, Low riders; Hot Rods assemble for show & shine.

Every category has a trophy over and above an everlasting award to be given out to winners for the public’s choice award. It is a continuing award where each winner’s name plus the details of the car are imprinted and then handed over each year to winners.


AUTOMEDON: 15-16 Oct 

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