Ford Restores 1967 Mustang for Christmas

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons

There are some classic cars that really become popular all over the world and if you take a quick look at some of the top classic cars in the history of American automobiles then you will find Ford Mustang in the list. There is no doubt that Ford Mustang is one of the longest selling four seat sports car in America and that it created a lot of sensation and buzz all over the United States since it was debuted in 1964. However, Ford is now making attempts to restore all the 1967 Ford Mustang cars with a super solid all new steel body which will protect the car from outside.

Ford has recently announced that they have licensed the new 1967 Ford Mustang convertible body shell for all the restorers and therefore they can go ahead and purchase it if they are interested in preserving their classic car. The body shell will be available for $15,995 and this would be the fourth restoration part that Ford has decided to license after licensing other parts for 1965 convertible, 1967 Fastback and 1969 Fastback cars. Ford believes that this could be a great gift for many people who would like to restore their classic car during Christmas and make use of it.

The company also said that the new super solid all new steel body shell will not only make the car look great but also provide more strength and rigidity to it as the panels are assembled using modern welding techniques that were not available in the earlier body shells.

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