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‘Old is gold’ right? It can be anything, but classic cars are such a mechanism which we still remember today, and consider them to be the most reliably and solidly built like none other up-to-date. So today we shortlisted some classic cars of preceding centuries and reviewed them to present you the list of Top 5 classic cars, take a look at these top cars:

1. 1962 Pre-Proteus Jaguar C-type

Introduced in 1962, the Pre-Proteus Jaguar C-type is quite a nice-looking car that has a 4-speed manual gearbox system inside, in addition there’s even an overdrive one available.

It is an efficiently designed, low weight sports-car that takes the redolent form, sound and looks of Jaguar’s world ruling sports-racing car and blends it with exceptional handling, high and durable performance and trustworthiness up to the mark of today’s car. If you would take a test drive of this baby, you’ll want over again!

2. Buick Grand National

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Introduced in 1982, namely the Buick Grand National was such a hit that it drew everyone’s mind by its outstanding ‘NASCAR’ inspired exterior, gloomy reality, and turbo-charged V6.

It was named for the ‘NASCAR’ (Grand National racing series) and had won the ‘Manufacturers Cup’ in ‘81 and ’82.

3. De Lorean DMC-12

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The De Lorean DMC-12 designed to be a sports-car was made by the De Lorean Motor Company from 1981-1982. It has amazing gull-wing side sliding doors with a polished stainless steel exterior.

4. Lamborghini Miura

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Back in 1966, when the Miura was displayed, people were astounded for it. It was the first car which brought the trend of 2-seater, mid-engine design supercar which is still being made by car manufacturers in the present era.

Actually, the production of the Miura lasted only 6 years from its preface, and so it was replaced by the equally incredible Lamborghini Countach, in the year 1974.

5. Ferrari 246 Dino

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Well, we have Ferrari here, which has melted the hearts of many, right from its launch in 1969. The 246 Dino managed to be one of the most pleasing cars manufactured by the company, but was never able to carry the brand long, however!

There might be many Ferrari’s out there, but none is capable of summarizing the great appearance, evenhanded-handling and that amazing ‘tearing-calico V6’ out rear quite resembling to the 246GT. Amazing blend of expertise and styling. I wish I had one.

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